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High Performance Center


Salvador Necochea Sagui

CESIFUT is an independent Center for High Performance dedicated to the formation of proesionales players. 

CESIFUT was founded by Salvador Ing. Necochea Sagi in order to support the dream of young mexican soccer players to become a professional soccer players.

Today, CESIFUT, is an institution that can claim to be unique in the country and much of the continent. We have a great reputation in the Mexican and international football. We are one of the largest producers of footballers in Mexico. Many of the players who have been trained in this institution are or have been part of the best Mexican soccer teams and the national team.

The Process


CESIFUT is a unique high performance center with the capacity to receive 100 players 24/7. We receive players since their 12 years old to train them and find them opportunities in national and international football teams.

We have a sophisticated program of sports training and personal development. Our players train 2 to 3 times a day; They receive in our facilities a balanced diet; motivational support; individual attention, and academic classes. All this is offered for free.

We are an independent institution. It means that we provide to our players a high wide of opportunities in national and international clubs.

Academic Formation

Our Center has classrooms  where the players take class of High School  by certificated tutors.

We have a teaching system called "Sistema Abierto". We use this system because is the best that adapt to our interests. We affiliated to "Centro de Enseñanza Abierta" (CEA) who support us to educate young students.

This academic formation is totally free, for this reason the level demand is the same that Sport field. All this to reach to develop excellence players and students.


One day in Cesifut

One Day in Cesifut.jpg
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